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I’ve always loved creating with my hands, and for many years I’ve enjoyed trying out many different kinds of handicrafts.

At the beginning of the year 2000 I started working with ceramics, and after many years of joyful activity, I have realized that ceramics offers endless opportunities for variation. My favorite materials are earthenware and stoneware, and the glaze I choose to paint with a brush in order to achieve a vibrant end result. My latest project is dalahorses in stoneware which has attracted a lot of people.

In 2003 I started to paint in a naivistic style on fabric in both oil and acrylic. A couple of years ago I also started to apply golden and silver leafs on some of my paintings, which created a new dimension for me.
My third major aesthetic interest is photography, and I’ve had the privilege of being able to take photos in amazing places both here at home and on the other side of the world, and after nearly ten years I have a vast photo database with lots of attractive motifs.

I’m extremely grateful to be able to work with my great interests every day, and it’s my hope that my works will affect everyone who comes into contact with them in one way or another.

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